Insights Daily Current Affairs + PIB: August 16, 2019

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Insights Daily Current Affairs + PIB: August 16, 2019

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GS Paper 1:


  1. Indian Culture Covers engaging points of artwork varieties, literature and structure from historic occasions to trendy occasions.

Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman Awards

What are you learning for?

To Prelims and Mains: Maharshi on Badrayan, Stakes and Prizes, What’s the Vedanta Philosophy?

Context: President Awards Certificates of Honor and Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman for 2019.

About & quot; Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman & quot; Awards:

Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman Particular Award is awarded to individuals for his or her vital contributions in Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Pali, Prakrit, Classical Slave, Classical Kannada. , Classical Telugu and Classical Malayalam.

Introduced in 2002.

Eligibility: Granted to selected younger researchers within the age group of 30-45 years.

Carries a certificate of honor, a memorial and one. money prize of Rs.1 lakh.

Who was Maharshi Badrayan?

  1. He was an Indian thinker for whom virtually no personal info is reliably recognized.
  2. Badarayana is considered to have written the essential text of the Vedanta system, Vedāntasūtrak.a. Brahmasūtra.
  3. He is thus thought-about to be the founder of the Vedanta philosophy system.
  4. The date of Badarayana and his Brahma Sutra is uncertain. Brahma Sutras have been dated in another way by numerous students in 450 BC in 450 BC.

Brahma Sutras:

The text systematizes and summarizes the philosophical and religious concepts of the Upanishads. It is likely one of the foundations of the Vedanta faculty of Hindu philosophy.

What's in it?

The Brahma Sutras include 555 aphoric verses (sutras) of 4 chapters. These verses are primarily involved with the nature of human existence and the universe, and with concepts of the metaphysical concept of ultimate actuality, referred to as Brahman.

  1. The first chapter discusses the metaphysics of absolute reality. The second chapter examines and discusses the contradictions raised by the ideas of competing orthodox faculties of Hindu philosophies and heterodox faculties reminiscent of Buddhism and Jainism. The third chapter deals with epistemology and the trail to acquiring spiritually liberating information.
  2. The ultimate chapter states why such info is a vital human want.

GS Ebook three:

Subjects coated:

Safety, degradation of environmental pollution, environmental influence evaluation.

disposable plastics

what to review?

Prelims and Energy Networks: The Prohibition of Disposable Plastics – The Significance.

Context: In response to the Prime Minister's name for India's 73rd Independence Day, a broad public marketing campaign involving all stakeholders is being launched to free India from disposable plastics.

what are disposable plastics?

There isn’t a centralized and complete definition of disposable plastics, which is crucial for a profitable ban. Governments presently use totally different definitions.

Some states like Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh banned plastic bottles and Tetra packs, disposable straws, plastic / baby tea cups / containers, and so forth., however many, like Bihar, only banned polyethylene luggage.


India's Efforts to Fight Plastic Air pollution:

More than 20 states and regions of the Union have joined the battle to fight plastic air pollution by saying a ban on disposable plastics corresponding to service luggage, cups, plates, cutlery, straw.

India has additionally acquired worldwide approval for its Beat Plastic Pollution determination, announced final yr on World Surroundings Day, beneath which it dedicated to remove disposable plastic by 2022.

All these efforts have yielded. Constructive results: Voluntary initiatives have an effect in lots of nations as residents scale back, reuse and type their waste. The Bengaluru Waste Membership estimates that the quantity of plastic waste they acquire fell from about two tonnes per day to less than 100 kg.

Current openings:

Plastic waste from packaging the whole lot from food, cosmetics and groceries to products offered by online platforms remains unidentified.

Assortment System: Plastic Waste Administration Laws 2016, it is clear that producers, importers, and brand house owners have to adopt a restoration system for the plastic they convey into the surroundings. Nevertheless, not much has been accomplished to move the process forward.

Prolonged Producer Duty Statement: Small producers of plastics face the ban, while the organized models coated by the extended Producer Duty Statement will continue to operate usually.


What is required?

Governments have to start out charging producers for their waste and punctiliously amassing it, leading to restoration and recycling.

States and municipalities must improve their waste administration techniques, which is a should. even to measure the precise measurement of packaging waste.

Position of Local Bodies: Local our bodies ought to consult manufacturers or importers to evaluate the problem. Cities want competent municipal techniques to realize this.

Also, key legislation with a transparent definition of what’s disposable plastic is needed.

Primary question: India has made vital progress in decreasing plastic waste, but a lot stays to be accomplished. Remark.

Relevant articles from numerous news sources:

GS Guide 3:


Totally different security forces and businesses and their assignments.

Chief of Defense Employees (CDS)

What to review?

Prelims and AC: CDS Want, Roles and Features, Training So Far and Considerably.

Context: In his speech, the Prime Minister introduced the creation of the Chief of Protection Employees.

Concerning the Chief of Defense:

The CDS is a high-level army company that oversees and coordinates the operations of three models.

CDS Duties and Features:

The CDS must present "effective command at the highest level" for the three wings of the armed forces and help enhance coordination between them.

It presents seamless three-service views. and one-point recommendation to the Government (within the case of India, the Prime Minister) on long-term protection planning and administration, together with manpower, gear and strategy, and above all, the "articulation" of operations.

Thus far practiced:

There has been a weak similarity in India generally known as the Chairman of the Chief of Employees Committee (CoSC); but this can be a toothless workplace, given its structure.

Among the many three service managers, probably the most senior is appointed to go the JRC – an office that may terminate after the operator retires.

Why change it now?

The ECSC arrangement is considered "unsatisfactory" and its chairman is "patterned".

The operation didn’t additional promote the mixing of the three models, resulting in inefficiency and dear duplication. belongings.

The CoSC system has lagged behind the colonial era and little change has been made through the years.

It has been noticed within the political class that a robust army leader and interdepartmental dressing have lengthy had an impact. worked to stop the submit from being updated.

What's on CDS?

The first proposal from CDS came from the Kargil Evaluate Committee (KRC) in 2000.

Though KRC didn’t instantly advocate CDS – which came from the federal government. – it highlighted the need for elevated coordination between the three models, which was dangerous within the early weeks of the Kargil battle.

  1. The KRC report said that India is the one main democracy the place the armed forces headquarters are outdoors the summit government.
  2. It discovered that service managers dedicate most of their time to their operational roles, "which often leads to negative results."
  3. Lengthy-term defense planning suffers as a result of every day priorities prevail.
  4. the Prime Minister and the Secretary of Defense don’t benefit from the insights and experience of army commanders to make sure that higher-level protection leadership selections are extra consensual and broad-based.
  5. CDS can also be seen to be very important. also for the creation of "theater commands" by integrating triad service belongings and personnel as in the USA Army.

What are the arguments towards?

  1. The appointment of a CDS has been in principle for a very long time, however the office doesn’t appear to have a transparent plan to ensure its effectiveness.
  2. The political institution of India is seen to be largely. unaware of safety points or, at greatest, indifferent to safety issues and thus unable to make sure the functionality of the CDS.
  3. By nature, the army tends to oppose change.
  4. Lack of anticipation and understanding can lead to making CDS only one case of "boys' jobs."

Sources: Indian Categorical.

principal question: What’s the Office of the Chief of Defense Employees, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated in his Independence Day speech? The place did the thought come from and what ought to CDS do? Explain.

GS Paper 2:


  1. Improvement Processes and Improvement, Position of NGOs, Working Groups, Numerous Groups and Associations, Donors, Charities, Institutional and Different Stakeholders


Village Volunteer System

What are you learning for?

Prejudice: Key options of the system.

For mains power: the necessity for the system, the significance of the system, the backwardness of the villages, and the means to deal with the problem.

Context: A voluntary system of churches and villages has been launched in Andhra Pradesh.

Goal: The aim of the system is to ensure that authorities welfare techniques are offered to households in an environment friendly and corruption-free manner.

Key Features:

  1. The Village Volunteers System takes control of individuals's threshold.
  2. 2.8 lakh volunteers are collaborating in this system.
  3. Volunteers manage door-to-door visits and supply benefits
  4. Volunteers determine issues and take action to deal with issues encountered by individuals of their jurisdiction.
  5. Village secretariats are established in every village to offer administration to the individuals within 72 hours.
  6. This scheme consists of offering one volunteer to cowl 50 families in each village. Id cards are given to volunteers and they’re given an honorary interest of Rs 5,000 per 30 days.
  7. Volunteers first determine the beneficiaries, know their issues, and then describe the plans the federal government gives them.

The Importance of a System:

The essential concept behind implementing a system is to increase belief amongst individuals and see that their primary needs are met. The system would have the ability to attain the poorest of the poorest and make the villages self-sufficient.

Sources: Hindu.

GS Ebook 2:


Necessary worldwide institutions, businesses and boards, their construction, mandate.

Special Objective Trust Fund

What to look for?

For Preliminary and Electric Networks: SPTF Aims, Funding, Want, and Relevance.

Context: India has made one million dollar contribution to the UN Special Objective Fund for the Population Coordinator System.

Concerning the SPTF:

The Particular Function Fund (SPTF) is a special fund situated within the UN Secretariat.

It is established to receive, consolidate, manage and process all financial contributions and funding. transactions within the new Resident Coordinator (RC) system in an open and efficient method.

Funding sources embrace three streams:

  1. Voluntary contributions from Member States.
  2. Doubling the cost-sharing of UN models which are members of the United Nations Improvement System.
  3. help for UN improvement actions addressed to a single company, program, or undertaking.

United Nations Inhabitants Coordinator:

The United Nations Everlasting Coordinator (RC) system covers all organizations in the United Nations system that deal with operational improvement activities, regardless of their official presence within the nation.

The purpose of the RC system is to convey collectively UN businesses to enhance the effectivity and effectiveness of operational actions on the nation degree.

Position: Resident Coordinators lead UN groups of nations in 129 nations and are designated representatives of the Secretary Basic for Improvement. 19659005]

Sources: Hindu.

About Prelims:

Tamil Nadu becomes the fifth state of India to declare a state butterfly:

  • Tamil Yeoman (Cirrochroa Thais) is a state butterfly declared by Tamil Nadu. Regionally referred to as Tamil Maravanmeaning & quot; Tamilian Warrior & quot;, a cover fly, often 60-75mm in measurement, belongs to the household of the Cephalopod butterflies or the Nymphalids.
  • Endemic to the Western Ghats' biodiversity hotspot, Tamil Yeoman is. commonly seen in the foothills of the state and in moist evergreen forests.
  • It has turn into the Fifth Indian State after Maharashtra (Blue Mormon), Uttarakhand (Widespread Peacock), Karnataka (Southern Birds) and Kerala (Malabar Sure Peacock). donate state emblem standing.

Summaries of necessary editions:

One country single election:

Context: Prime Minister Narendra Modi requires "one nation, one choice".

What are simultaneous elections?

Simultaneous elections seek advice from the simultaneous holding of elections each 5 years to the Lok Sabha, the State Legislative Meeting, the panchayata and the local bodies of the cities.

The need for simultaneous elections arises from the issues associated with repeated elections:

  1. The huge expenditure presently incurred in holding separate elections.
  2. Political paralysis ensuing from the introduction of a model code. Conduct throughout elections.
  3. Impression on the supply of important providers.
  4. The burden on the essential personnel drive used throughout elections.
  5. It also destabilizes properly elected governments and locations a heavy burden on the coffers. [19659023] It’s also putting strain on political parties, especially the smaller ones, as elections are getting costlier.
  6. It additionally increases the executive costs of the Election Commission.

Deserves of Simultaneous Elections:

Governance and Coherence: Governing parties can concentrate on laws and administration as an alternative of campaigning eternally.

Lowered money and administrative costs: your complete state Regional administrative and safety methods are busy operating elections twice every five years, in keeping with current apply. Expenditure might be decreased by holding simultaneous elections.

Continuity of Insurance policies and Packages.

Administrative Effectiveness: Simultaneous elections can convey the required operational effectivity to this train. Government populist measures are diminishing.

Simultaneous elections can be a approach to curb corruption and build a extra favorable socio-economic ecosystem.

The affect of black money on voters is diminished as all elections are held.

However why is it troublesome to go to the same election?

The most important problem is to succeed in a political consensus that appears to be "chimeric."

Regional events are more against the thought than nationwide parties because voters all the time are likely to vote for a similar social gathering in the state and the center if the Lok Sabha and state elections are held collectively.

In accordance with the IDFC, there’s additionally a 77% probability that an Indian voter will vote for the same celebration for each the state and the center when elections are held simultaneously.

Amendments to the Constitution and the regulation to allow for simultaneous elections:

Article 83 on the period of parliamentary parliaments must be amended.

Article 85 (dissolution of President Lok Sabha)

Article 172 (referring to the period of the State legislature)

Article 174 (dissolution of the State Assembly)

Article 356 (by order of the President).

The Individuals's Representation Act, 1951 ought to be amended to incorporate provisions on the steadiness of the time period of workplace, both for Parliament and for the Common Assembly. This could embrace the next essential parts:

  • Reorganization of the powers and features of the ECI to facilitate procedures for simultaneous elections.
  • The definition of simultaneous elections may be added to paragraph 2 of the 1951 Act.


    All modifications must require each constitutional modification and legal approval in order that they do not violate the "basic structure" of the structure.

    Representatives of constitutional specialists, assume tanks, authorities officials, and political parties ought to be shaped to work on applicable implementation particulars.